Rupes Keramik Fine Compound **CLOSEOUT**


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The fine abrasives of Keramik Gloss Fine Polishing Compound are ideal for light correction of minor surface imperfections or as a follow up step to remove hazing from a more aggressive correction compound. Designed specifically for the large stroke random-orbital movements of the BigFoot system, Keramik is easy to work with and wipes cleanly away from the finish after each pass.

RUPES Keramik Fine Polishing Compound produces a stunning appearance on almost all finishes and colors. Engineered to be used with the large-orbital movement of BigFoot random orbital polishers, Keramik polishes away fine paint imperfections and creates a smooth surface which reflects maximum light. Kermaik Fine Polishing Compound works well on all paint types including fresh, refinish, factory, high-solid, and sticky finishes.

Use Keramik Fine Polishing Compound on your favorite BigFoot random orbital polisher any time you need to remove light paint defects such as car wash swirls, towel marks, or a hazy finish from a more aggressive compounding step. This polishing compound is engineered to work with RUPES Yellow Fine Foam Pads, Medium Wool Pads, and Fine Microfiber Discs for maximum performance.