Rupes Mille 5.5″ (140 Mm) Yellow Fine Foam Pads-2/Pk


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RUPES BigFoot Mille 5.5″ (140MM) Yellow Fine Foam Pads are engineered to remove moderate-to-light paint defects quickly while leaving behind a high-gloss finish. The Fine Yellow Foam Pad was designed to remove light swirl marks, holograms, clay-induced marring, and other light paint imperfections.

Every detail of this pad, from the foam formula to the dimensions was carefully engineered to maximize the balance between user comfort and results. The high quality resin materials and fine pore structure ensure consistent performance on a variety of paint systems and the lower profile translates the tools movement without excessive vibration or pad deflection. These pads are specially designed to work with the Rupes BigFoot Mille Gear Driven Polisher.

Comes 2 pads per box.