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In the modern automotive industry, a majority of both internal and external parts are made of plastic. Over time internal parts begin to crack, dry out, and accumulate dirt. External parts are a whole different story. These parts are continuously exposed to elements like road salt, road sand, rain, and sun. A major contributor to the damage of these parts is the sun’s UV rays, which fade and dry out these plastic parts and leave them looking dull.

So how do you fix these problems if the damage has already been done? By using the appropriate dressings and protectants you can both restore your vehicle’s plastic and vinyl parts and protect them from future damage. Dress All and Dress All Extreme are water based silicone dressings for all interior and exterior surfaces that leave a rich, natural sheen to restore life and color to all surfaces. Add our Vinyl Icing for even more protection. Vinyl Icing is a vinyl and plastic restorer that revives the original color and shine of all of these surfaces: Door handles, side cladding, front and rear bumpers, exterior mirrors, moldings, auto trim, graphics, running boards, steps, bedliners and more. As an added bonus, it also provides 2-3 months of UV protection from just one application.