Luminous Shine Non Silicone Tire Dressing




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A ready to use solvent based, silicone free dressing. It restores the color and luster to rubber, vinyl and exterior trim by providing a long lasting shine. It is ideal for use in areas where silicones are prohibited, such as paint and auto body shops. It protects your tires and trim from damaging UV rays to prevent fading and cracking. It is water resistant and will stand up to rain and multiple car washes to keep your tires looking glossy for a long time!

Directions: Clean tires first with an all purpose cleaner or degreaser like our HOT TAMALE ALL PURPOSE DEGREASER. Apply a thin coat of Luminous Shine directly to clean tires using a foam applicator pad or mist on using a sprayer. For best results, allow product to dry on surface for 5-10 minutes before moving vehicle.