Rupes 6″ (150 Mm) Yellow Fine Microfiber Pads-2/Pk


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If you are looking for a high-gloss finish on a number of different paints including dark colors, while still removing moderate paint defects, equip your random orbital polisher with RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Microfiber Pads. The soft microfiber filaments polish paint to a high luster, while the increased surface of the pad results in a powerful polishing action that removes towel marks, buffer swirl, and other moderate-to-light paint defects. RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Microfiber Pads feature a number innovate design features. The trademark one-piece molded design helps to eliminate the pad coming apart during usage. RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Microfiber Pads are designed with a patented spiral slot design to reduce heat buildup on the polishing surface.

Use RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Microfiber Pads to remove moderate defects and create a high-gloss finish on OEM or cured refinish paints. For best results, clean the microfiber frequently by using a RUPES Pad Claw Tool or clean compressed air. We recommend using RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Microfiber Pads with Keramik Polishing Compound.

Comes 2 pads per box.