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Using wax on a car may provide a nice finish and sense of “newness” for a car, but it does have its pitfalls. Wax can not prevent scratches, chips, or other forms of minor damage to a vehicle. Additionally, water spots, streaks, and dirt still find their way onto a fresh coat of wax. What can you use to achieve an exceptionally glossy finish and total protection from minor damage and external blemishes? Enter Ceramic Nano Coating.

Ceramic Nano Coating picks up where wax leaves off. The coating bonds to the already existent clear coat on a vehicle which makes it easy to apply. Once applied, the coating creates a durable hydrophobic surface that prevents environmental contaminants like bugs, dirt, and tar from adhering to the paint. It enhances scratch resistance, making vehicles easier to clean, and protects against damage from UV rays, extreme temperatures, and acid rain.

It even adds an amazing high gloss finish that increases depth of color. Additionally, the semi-permanent coating won’t wash off like wax, it comes with a 6 years of guaranteed paint protection.

Interested in Ceramic Nano Coating? Check out our own Candy Coat Pro. The coating provides overall protection that keeps the vehicle’s paint in like-new condition for years.